Dating for people with no children

But I wondered if finding those connections is as easy for women with children as it is for those without.

If, heaven forbid, I suddenly found myself single, would my profile today be as appealing to a potential partner as it was in 2007 when I didn't have 3-year-old twins attached to my hips?

Then after surgery, my husband and I heard the doctor tell us, “I’m sorry, but you can’t ever have children of your own.” We were stunned. Burdened by my husband’s pain, I suggested we divorce so he could find a wife who could have his children. Amazingly, I experienced a lightness and spaciousness of being freed from limitation.

I had the possibility of creating a completely different future for myself.

I never understood why women who want kids of their own wait decades.

I move fast though, I tend to ask for kids after 6 months to a year together. For me, being a mother was of the highest importance. There are health risks for the mother and the baby after a certain age.

Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! Additionally, the cost and issues of surrogacy seem unrealistic for most newly wed couples. Additionally, the cost and issues of surrogacy seem unrealistic for most newly wed couples.

Although Tinder sounded fun, there isn't a way for potential matches to know whether or not I have children before they decide to choose my photo.Eight years together, and I've never once questioned the accuracy of online dating.It isn't an anomaly anymore when you hear that so-and-so met their fiancé/significant other/booty call on Tinder/OK Cupid/Match/Plenty of Fish.I was a bit reluctant about those posts at first, because the chapter was written for an academic volume, but they were popular reads here.That chapter is now in print, except for a long section I wrote on the implications of living single with no children. So I’m going to share it here, in a series of four posts. The four parts may not be consecutive: if something timely comes up, I’ll give that priority.

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