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Wagner and Wagner Ware (did you know there was a difference?

) seem to get less respect and I think that's both good and bad.

ALDI Australia is selling cast iron frying/grilling pans for (USD ). Not much to look at right now but looking forward to seeing how it fares in the future!

Look for the oldest Wagner items by name and patent dates.It is good because as users of old cast iron we get to buy some superb pieces for a lot less money than a comparable Griswold.It is bad because I think the old and Wagner Ware pieces deserve a little more respect.I’d be the first to admit I’ve been fooled a few times and purchased reproductions in my quest to add to my growing collection of vintage cast iron cookware, especially when I was a new collector.Now that I know better, I use reproductions I’ve bought to show people what not to buy.

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In the 1920s Griswold began producing enameled items, and in the 1930s had added electrical items to their product line.

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