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Australian was inhabited by 250 nations until the mid 1700s'.60% of the population of 22 million is located in and around the state capitals.The BICEP3 and South Pole Telescope (SPT) installation can be seen on the right and the Martin A.Pomerantz Observatory (MAPO) building appears on the left. "Actually," Angie continued, "Your father and I were members of Preacher Mc Coy's sex club. We just made sure you children never knew about it." Now Beth needed a long pull on her drink. So no, I'm not mad at you, and I don't think Rich will be either, once I explain things to him." Angie was smiling now and wiping the tears from her eyes. "We couldn't very well continue to meet there with a new preacher, and we tried having our meetings . Mike was just starting the dishwasher and drying a few items that had been hand washed. "Rich and his parents helped and it was a cinch." "Where is everyone? "Once the dishes were done Bob and Sylvia went home, and Rich said he was going upstairs, so I assume you'll find him in your room." Angie chuckled.

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For information about current research conducted at the South Pole, see the NSF South Pole Research Projects page.

Australia is located in the Southern hemisphere on the smallest continent in the world, the Australian Continent.

"Mom," she said, pausing as she searched for words. You and Dad and Rich's parents did what you thought you had to do when you were raising us, and I believe you loved us and wanted the best for us. Preacher Mc Coy just told people it was a mid-week prayer group." Angie stopped for a moment as she thought about how much time she had spent on her knees in the rectory—not praying but sucking cocks. " "I think you know the answer to that." Beth laughed, shaking her head. When I was under the table, the four of you looked like you were getting a head start on the evening." "Actually we hadn't planned on anything. But I guess we just had a little too much to drink and got carried away." Now Beth was shaking her head. We better go get the dishes done." As they stood, Beth said, "Wait a minute. The camp has two parts—the family side and the adult side." "And which side are we staying on?

She picked up both of Beth's hands holding them in hers. Beth stared at her for along time, eventually pulling a hand away to pick up her glass and pour the last of her drink down her throat. We always had the meetings at the rectory, behind the church. Anyway we tried having them at peoples' houses, but that never worked very well and as members drifted off to distant churches the group just sort of evaporated." "What about you and Rich's parents? If I drink enough for that my head will seriously hurt tomorrow." "Okay.

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"So the four of you let us think sex was evil while you were members of the Preacher's sex club? She leaned forward and she and Beth hugged for a long time. "I think we had all had enough to drink so we were ready for bed.

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